Adobe Premiere Pro Update (15.3) – Proxies

Adobe just released a new version (2015.3) with some great new features.

One of them is the ability to create Create lightweight proxies.
Using these proxies, you can Switch easily between high-res and low-res formats to edit on any device without overloading your system.

The Ability to use proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro gives you the option to take your work on the go with you.

Even if you are working on 4k, 6k or 8k footage you can still edit and color grade your video with the Premiere Pro option to create Proxies and link them to your timeline.

Once you decide on exporting your video, Premiere Pro will link the High Res files back to the timeline and apply all the changes you made on the proxies to the high-resolution files.

This feature makes life easier not only if you are on the move and need to get the project done but also if you are working on a system with less power.

Premiere uses the Adobe Media Encoder to re-encode the files to the settings you choose. You can also use this option if you want to encode all the projects files to one file type to ease on your computer system or if multiple editors are working on the same project.

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