Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 Tutorial – Morph Cut Tool


How and When use the Morph Cut Transition

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the new morph cut transition, and when it’s good to use it and when you better choose a different transition.

  1. Download the Project Files of this episode and then open Premiere Pro CC 2015.
  2. In the video below there is a slight cut, and there is only a little jump in the video, the Morph Cut won’t work well if there is a rough cut, it will look odd.2. Morph Cut
  3. Click on the Effects and search for Morph Cut, then place it between the 2 videos.morph cut
  4. Now you need to wait a couple of minutes until Premiere will finish to analyze the transition, then you will see that it’s almost not possible to see that there is a cut!