Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial: Add Camera Shake Effect

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial: How to Add Camera Shake Effect

  1. First, you have to download my FREE Camera Shake Effect Presets. And if you want to become a professional Premiere editor check out my Complete Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Course (For Limited Time Discount).
  2. Now, After you have downloaded the Camera Shake Effect Presets, you simply just drag it on the desired video and that will do the trick!
    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.34.46 PM 
  3. Each preset is suitable for different purpose:
    * “Big Cam – more motion” : It’s a big camera preset and it has a little bit more motion.
    * “Big Cam – not so much movement” : Also big camera preset but it has less motion than the first preset.
    * “Hand Held Cam – telephoto lens” : As if you are holding a camera from far away, kind of trying to use a telephoto lens.
    * “Hand Held running cam with blur” : This is to emulate running with a camera that has blur inside Premiere Pro.
    * “Hand Held running cam without blur” : ┬áThis is to emulate running with a camera without blur.
    * “Bad Dream” : This will be good for a sequence when someone is dreaming that he is running it’s in the middle of a bad nightmare.