Behind The Scenes Of A Beauty Shot With Sony A6300

This episode is about a beauty shot I’ve made for a makeup artist. I’m going to take you through the whole setup and show you how I lit and shot the project.

The Setup

The equipment I’ve used here is the Sony A6300 with the Metabones Adapter, the Canon 70-300, and the Aputure Amaran AL-528W which has a very pleasant light. I also had another light at the back and a huge diffuser light.

Lights setup

Now, if we pause on this shot, what I’m missing in it is a bigger catch light. I could use a little more light to get a bigger catch light in the eyes.

Eye catch light

On this project, I shot 120 frames per second and mixed that with slow motion. In this footage, you can see that in the shadows we are getting more artifacts. Although we can get away with it, I wish I had a bigger camera that can shoot 120 frames per second without artifact.

Shadow area is a little too noisy

Remember that if you are shooting 120p your shutter speed should be at 240. If you don’t have enough light in your shot, your ISO will jump up, that’s the cause for the noise in the shadows. I had to push my ISO higher and on the Sony A6300 and A6500 and that created more artifacts in the darker areas of the image.

As to the background, I just threw a couple of blankets on a C-stand, I didn’t light them up. I also grabbed a Christmas plastic tree and turned on its lights to create a beautiful bokeh which gives a great atmosphere to the shoot.

Bokeh background made by a Christmas tree


So what’s my conclusion from doing this project?

If I could, I would have arranged a little more extra time to watch the footage throughout shooting – to shoot a couple of shots, watch the footage on a bigger screen and analyze and correct it as I go along.

I would get bigger light panels, especially for shooting the close-ups of the eyes to get those bigger catch lights.

I would certainly get an extra fast camera, to get a better slow motion and with fewer artifacts. I would love to shoot this kind of project with the Sony FS 7 that shoots an incredible slow motion. Obviously, the better cameras like the mini Alexa can shoot slow motion even better.

I’m really happy I pulled off such a nice result with so little equipment and so little time.

That was it I hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure to subscribe to our channel, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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