DaVinci Resolve Vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Here is the conclusion of my thoughts

Advantages of DaVinci Resolve 12

  1. The editing interface is easy to learn and use.
  2. The audio and video sync work flawlessly.
  3. Trim edit functions are really good.
  4. Multi-Cam options work great except the fact that the videos have to be long enough. Otherwise, it won’t work.
  5. Real-time transitions work fine.
  6. Color grading in DaVinci Resolve has always been giving the most professional results, so now that you can also edit the video in DaVinci Resolve 12 makes the process convenient.
  7. DaVinci Resolve 12 is FREE.

Disadvantages of DaVinci Resolve 12

  1. Multi-Cam Options – The videos needs to be long enough otherwise they won’t sync.
  2. DaVinci Resolve doesn’t have Dynamic Link with After Effects, which is useful and saves a lot of time while editing.

The Bottom Line is that in my opinion DaVinci Resolve 12 wins Premiere Pro.

My thought about the new DaVinci Resolve.

As you guys know, I am long time user of Adobe Premiere Pro. It has been my go to editing tool since I used sony vegas (a long time ago).

Now with the upcoming release of my new course and having been editing with DaVinci Resolve on several projects here are my thoughts:

First I have to admit I am having fun editing and grading in DaVinci Resolve. The editing interface is easy to learn and use, the audio video sync work flawlessly; I especially like the trim edit functions. Where you have four tools in the same option – rolling edit, ripple edit, changing in and out points and, I love that tool.

The multi-cam option works great, but you need to make sure you are shooting longer videos for that option to be working without problems. In the new DaVinci, you also get real-time transitions that work fine, no problem there.

As a user of the black magic production camera, you get the benefit of DaVinci supporting the camera’s metadata. The fact that you can now work with your sound have an audio mixer in DaVinci, the new automatic color match tool to match shots, the auto grading tool, the option to edit and grade raw , which was added to premiere just recently, the image stabilization, everything is just working amazingly.

With regards to the color correction options, there is not a lot to say but the fact that DaVinci was always the industry standard for high-end color grading.

The bottom line (TL;DR) is that if I were working by myself, I would move to working solely in DaVinci resolve right now. The fact that you get all these functions with the powerful color grading tools for free is enough for me to leave Premiere.

The reasons I am not working solely with DaVinci Resolve is the Multicam projects were some of the shots are shorter and DaVinci doesn’t sync them, so we sync them with Red Giant’s PluralEyes and unfortunately PluralEyes doesn’t export to DaVinci and DaVinci doesn’t import the XML that many eyes export for Premiere.

The other option I am not moving over solely to DaVinci Resolve is that it doesn’t have the dynamic link connection to after effects that premiere pro has, although I don’t understand why Adobe didn’t integrate some of the text options After Effects have into Premiere. To me, it looks odd that I would have to jump over from Premiere to After effects every time I need some simple text title.

So if anyone in Adobe and Black Magic is listening, here is my message:

Adobe – come on guys… if DaVinci Resolve is for free, why do I have to pay to use Premiere? And why can’t you integrate some of After Effects text tools into Premiere? And how about some right to left the support of Hebrew and Arabic speaking editors?

And to the guys in Black Magic – with your release of DaVinci Resolve you gave the people at Adobe a big headache. They will have to follow you and release something for free. If the multi-cam options would work better – that would be amazing! I would love to see what you have coming in the future. How about a simple editor and basic color correction tools for the new I-Pad Pro? Something like iMovie only with more editing options and some more grading tools.

The bottom line is that black magic DaVinci Resolve is the winner, I find myself working with it more and more.

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