DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Tutorial – Advanced Editing Tools

Advanced Editing Tools

  There are more advanced ways to edit in DaVinci resolve 12.5

  1. If you select a video and drag it to the top right of the screen a pop up menu will be opened, in this menu you have several options:1. lesson9 davinci.001
  2. When you drag the video over “Insert” the current clip will be added to the timeline where the current time indicator is located at the moment.
  3. When you drag the video and put it on “OverWrite” it will replace the video that is next to the current time indicator with the selected clip.
  4. If you drag a video to “Append to the End” it will be added after the last video that is on the timeline.
  5. We also have “Place on Top” if we drag to this, the selected video will be added in a new channel on top.

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