DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Tutorial – How to add Titles & Transitions

How to Add Titles & Transitions

  1. First change your timeline view so you will get a better look at the timeline.1. lesson 10 davinci.001
  2. To add a fade you have to hover to the edge of the video and you will see that your mouse cursor will change, you simply need to drag it and the fade will be created.2. lesson 10 davinci.001.jpeg.001
  3. To create a title just click on the effects library, then choose the Toolbox tab, scroll down until you see the titles menu, choose text title, and drag it to the timeline.3. lesson 10 davinci.001
  4. By clicking on the title in the timeline you can edit the title, with the menu that will be opened in the top right area of the screen.4. lesson 10 davinci.001
  5. To add a transition just right click between 2 clip, and choose a transition.5. lesson 10 davinci.001
  6. You can change the transition settings, and choose a different one, with the window that will be opened in the top right of the screen.6. lesson 10 davinci.001

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