Get Started with Adobe Premiere Pro! Tutorial For Beginners

These are the first 9 lessons of my Adobe Premiere Pro editing course! Watch them and learn the basics of Editing in Premiere!
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Start to work with Adobe Premiere 

Now we can open our Premier Pro and to do that I’m going to on a Mac to the “launchpad” and I’m going to click on the“Premiere Pro CC2014.” icon.

If you are using Microsoft windows you will able to find the premiere software on the Start>All programs menu.

In the first dialogue we will need to choose if we want to open a recent item or would you like to create a new item. (you can turn this “Welcome dia log box” off by unchecking the “Show Welcome at stratum” option.

We want to create a new video file, so we will click on the “New Project…” button.



Now we will see the “New Project” dialog box and first Premier is asking us what is project name.

We are going to call this project “Baking Cookies” and on the location field, Premiere is asking us where would you like to save the project files.

We will save this project in the folder “Premier Pro” under “Baking Cookies” that we create on the first chapter.

To do So we’re going to click on the “Browse” button and we will choose the directory “Premier Pro” (In our example the full path is: “Documents\Pictures and Videos>\2014\Baking Cookies\Premier Pro”).

Using this method you will always will be able to find your footage quickly. And you will never lose track of what you’re doing.

On the “General” tab you will find some more advanced settings regarding your project —there’s nothing really you need to change there, and on the “Scratch Disks” tab you can choose specific directory for your videos & audio Captured and Previews file and where to save your auto-save project file.

The defaults is your project directory (should be “Premier Pro” directory that we created early), so I recommend that you don’t really change that unless you’re a little bit in a different level—maybe an intermediate—so just leave that alone and click “Okay.”

Now Premiere is going to open and you will see we have the main Premiere window.