iMovie for Beginners Tutorial

Apple iMovie – Beginners Tutorial

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00:04 How To Import Video Into iMovie
Learn how to import your videos into iMovie.

01:54 Creating a Timeline
Now we have all our files imported, let’s look at the timeline panel where your final video takes shape.

04:03 How to trim a video
Remove unwanted parts from your video clips using iMovie trim option.

05:00 Adding Audio / Background Music
It’s time to add audio to your video using iMoive! You can add music files in multiple formats and import from your iTunes library.

05:54 Creative Effects and Color Correction
Learn how to use the creative effects and color correction options to enhance your video look using iMoive.

08:33 How to add text titles into your videos
Add text titles into your videos using iMoive title feature.

10:07 How to add transitions into your videos
Transitions makes a cut from one clip to another less distracting. this way your video will look smoother when playing from one clip to the next. learn how to add Transitions to your video using and how to change their lengths.

10:56 Cropping and Stabilizing
How to add Transitions to your video using iMovie and how to change their lengths. I will also show you how to fix “shaky” video by using the Stabilizer option.

12:02 How to export your project
You can easily export your video to the desktop or share it on YouTube


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