iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Camera Features Review

Now you can record those moments in a resolution that’s four times higher than HD video.
We have already seen 4k videos on Android phones for two years now, and I’m glad that it’s finally here.

The iPhone 6s has a great camera, and you can get amazing videos with it.
There are indie films that were shot using exclusively the iPhone, and there are some nice cases and lenses you can attach to the iPhone to get a film quality video.

While for most people 4k resolution doesn’t say much and probably won’t matter much for most people, it is a very welcomed feature for any video photographer. Soon, I’m sure; we will see much more 4k videos on youtube and after that, we will see more and more monitors and phones that support 4k resolution.

Front-Facing Camera
5MP FaceTime HD, f/2.2
The new iPhone 6s front camera has been upgraded from 1.2 to 5mp which allows you to take much larger and better selfies with the new iPhone.

Apple added something new for all the selfie users – you can use your front screen as a flash.
When you snap a selfie, a preflash detects the lighting around you.
Then a True Tone flash on the display matches the ambient light for a gorgeous shot with more true-to-life colors and more natural-looking skin tones.

Apple says that a custom display chip allows the display to flash three times brighter than usual.

We already saw something similar in the LG G3 phone, but it looks like Apple just implements this feature better with brighter light and natural-looking adjustment.

We will wait until we get the new iPhone 6s for an extensive testing and we will update you on that feature’s workability.

Live Photos.
Apple showed a new feature that is called Live Photos. You can turn your photos into short living memories.

Together with the photo you take, iPhone 6s also records the moments just before and after it was taken, captured with movement and sound.

Again, we already saw something like that in different phones like HTC one M7 or the Nokia Lumia 920, but Apple just did it better. It’s much easier to use and intuitive to watch these live moments.

New iMovie is coming. With the new iPhone 6s, you can edit 4K videos.
iPhone 6s is so powerful you can smoothly edit two streams of 4K video to create effects like picture-in-picture and split screen.

You can even export and share 4k videos to youtube from iMovie.


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