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working hard on finishing my next Videography 101 video. for now just ran a short auto focus test between my canon 70-300 and my Canon 50 mm and sony 55-210 using my Metabones Adaptor.

bottum line is that is you are going to use the sony alpha line better use native sony lenses to unlock the amazing auto focus features they have. The metabone adaptor will work but will not get the job done like sony lenses.

so why buy a metabones adaptor? well, if you have canon, nikon or other manufactures lenses and don’t want to invest in sony lenses. if that is the case you can also sale your lenses and buy one single sony lens like the 24-240 that will get you most of the shot you are trying to get.

thats it for now.

will upload the new videography 101 video soon!

Metabones focus test on sony a6300

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