NAB 2106 Review – Sony E Mount Adaptor For Cannon Lenses

Enables you to connect your Canon EF and EF-S lenses to a Sony E-mount camera body, including full frame models. This adapter also features a built-in 10-stop variable neutral density filter to control the amount of light entering the camera. An ND filter enables shooting in bright daylight while still using wide apertures for shallow depth of field. It also helps with fast exposure adjustments when going from bright to low light. A bright blue metal ring manually adjusts the levels of the ND filter.

The adapter is built out of brass build with a leaf spring design which firmly holds the lens in place. Until now I used the methadone adaptor which claims to enable the Canon lens autofocus options while mounted on cameras like the Sony a7s, a7r, a6300. But from my experience, this is option dent work and most times you can’t use it. I tried this adapter on my Sony a6300 in the Fotodiox booth at NAB, and I was surprised to see that the camera could go in focus each time I moved the camera around.

The price of the adaptor is 200 dollars which make it half the price of the metabone while also including a Variable ND Filter and enabling the use of the autofocus which the metabone didn’t do quite as good.

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