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if you shoot video for a long time you know the panasonic brand. they practically invented video but in the last 10 years firms like red and Arri stole the show with their new high end cameras. recently Panasonic made a big step back into the cinema market with the panansonic EVA 1. the EVA 1 is a 5.6K camera with an EF mount, 4K up to 60 frame per second and 2K up to 240 frames per second. like it’s big brother the Varicam cameras the EVA 1 should also be good low light camera.

the EVA 1 body will be about 2.5 pounds. the camera will have electronic image stabilization, XLR inputs and can out put 4K to both SDI and HDMI. the bit rate for the EVA 1 will be up to 400 MBPS which will give out files that cane be very versatile is color grading.

because the Panasonic EVA 1 has a EF mount over the MTF of the GH5 we will be able to use most of our canon lenses on this camera but this also means that this camera is not really a competition to the Sony fs7 and more of a competition to the canon c200 on paper however the only problem with the canon c200 is that it records 4k internally at 8 bit depth which is a big diapointmnet to any one wanting to shoot 4K.

the EVA 1 apparently has an lcd screen but it doesn’t come with an electronic view finder and the EVF connection is a proprietary Panasonic connection meaning you will have to get your EFV only from Panasonic at this time.

Panasonic also amounted that after the camera ships there will be a software update that will enable a 5.6K raw stream to be output into an external 3rd party recoredr.

As the Ursa mini pro and the Sony FS7 and other higher end camera the Panasonic EVA 1 will also has 2,4 and 6 stops of ND filters.

according to Panasonic the EVA 1 will work amazing with the GH5 and is build to be the bigger camera in a line of cameras which mean the ability to cut the footage from the two cameras together to get the same looks.

on the media side, on B&H the camera is said to record on SD at 10 bit.

with regarding to price, the EVA 1 should to come in at under 8,000K $.

so what is the bottom line?

if you want to shoot 5.6K and already own a GH5 and have 8,000 $ to spare this should be an amazing camera. Panasonic is knows to make great and durable cameras that made the video industry what it is.

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Panasonic EVA1 (is it better then the Sony FS7 or Canon C200??)

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