Premiere Pro – Pro Editing Tips and Tricks

In this episode we take a look at the tips and tricks the Pro use while editing their projects in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Quick tips when editing in Premiere Pro CC

In this tutorial I will tell you my technique of arranging all my projects to make the editing part way faster!

1. Premiere Pro - Pro Editing Tips and Tricks

In every Premiere project you should create the following folders:

  1. AE – here you put all your After Effects files.
  2. AV – here you put all your Audio and Video files.
  3. PR – this is where you put your Premiere Pro project.
  4. Render – to this folder you should render your Premiere project.

Using this arrangement method will save you a lot of time and will prevent you from getting lost while working on complicated Premiere project with a lot of assets and footages.

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