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I never really shot anything with Auto focus on. Its an Old Habit that i have. I also never really took my Sony a6300 out to really test it’s 120 FPS slow motion capabilities. So on the weekend when i was told we are going to a park next to where i live i thought it would be great to test it out. as it was a sunny day my lens choice was the Canon 70-300 and the Metabones converter.

The reason i like the Canon 70-300 is that except for it sharpness and color rendering it also has some nifty stabilizer on the lens which, coupled with the 120 FPS, would create some stunning footage.

One thing i forgot to bring along was my ND filter but shooting at 120 FPS had my Shutter at 240 which was ok for the amount of light.

So – the bottom line:

1. I think, as you can see in the video that the 120 FPS mode makes good videos. I wish it was 4K and in 100mbs and not in 50. But all in all the video looks good and i am definitely going to shot more of that.

2. the Canon 70-300 is my favorite lens so far. i love it.

3. the Metabones Adaptor does what is claims. continuos auto focus in video mode works.

4. The Canon 70-300 and the Metabones with the 120 fps drain the camera flat fast. make sure you have a couple of spare batteries with you.

As for the color grading, that was done with film convert using the a6300 Slog3 SGamut3 Cine profile.

The music was created with my new favorite app for music – Filmstro. i am going to upload some video about it soon. i also have a coupon code for FilmStro, but you’ll need to subscribe to my mailing list to get it using this link:

The Playground – A Sony a63000 slow motion video

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