Urban Photoshoot – Sony a6300 & Godox AD 360

In this episode, I will take you through the ‘behind the scenes’ of an Urban Photoshoot. I just got a new off-camera flash – the Godox AD360 and tested it in the photoshoot.

We went just below the office, and we tested the Godox AD360II-C 360Ws.
You can see it in the following picture; it’s a very reliable, fast and powerful unit.

Godox AD360 off-camera flash

You can also see the battery – the Godox Propac PB960. Together with the AD360, it can give you about 450 flashes in full light.

Godox Propac 960 battery

For faster operation, use this Godox DB-02 Cable Y-adapter 2 to 1 that charges the flash faster.

Y adapter for faster charging

I also used the Godox X1S 2.4G TTL Wireless Flash Trigger to trigger the Speedlite.

Godox X1 transmitter

With regards to the Softbox, I used a Godox 80cm double-layered octagon Reflector Softbox which extra diffuses the light. The reason I’m using a big Softbox is because I wanted to get a half body shot, and smaller Softboxes won’t suit.

Godox 90cm double-layered octagon diffuser Softbox

Now, notice these two pictures below. The one on the right merely have an ambient light, and the left one has an ambient light with a flash. Notice that in the circled area (on the left picture) there is more light on the face. That evens out the light from behind and the light from the front and makes that picture look better than the right picture.

Ambient light with a flash comparing to ambient light alone

What I actually tried to show in this photoshoot, is that you don’t need any fancy settings, and you don’t need too much equipment to create nice, aesthetic looking pictures. The only thing you really need is a nice flash, even a smaller Speedlite will do.

I was shooting this with the Sony a6300 with a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens with Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount adapter which is a cheap lens. As you can see, nothing in this setup is too fancy, no hair and makeup artist, just the Godox AD360 and that’s it.

The minimal setup for the photo shoot

I hope you enjoyed the ‘behind the scenes’ of our little photo shoot. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, and to stay tuned for further ‘behind the scenes’ we’ll release in the very near future.

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