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both camera are build similarly and have almost the same wight, the c200 and the ursa mini pro both have 2 xor inputs, built in ND filter and control bins built on the out side.

unlike the ursa mini pro the c200 doesn’t come with an LCD and in order to get a 4″ LCD you will have to spend some more money.

on the other hand the C200 come with an integrated electronic view finder.

with regards to its connections the C200 has only one SDI output while the Ursa mini pro two SDI out puts.

On the media side the Ursa mini Pro has a dual C fast and a dual Sd card slots and now Black magic design also announced that they will be releasing a new SSD recorder which is very useful from personal experience.the Canon c200 has only one C fast slot and two Sd Cards slots.

were the two Cameras different is with regards to their codecs. for newbies – that basically means the cameras ability to record media with out loss of data. here the Ursa mini pro is the winner. it has industry standard Codecs like the Apple Pro Res – which is also edit friendly. that means the files from the camera will be heavier but your computer will not have to work as hard to edit and color grade them. On the C200 its a different story, it shoots a heavily compressed 4:2:0 GOP codec while shooting HD or 4K. another point to mention is that the Ursa mini pro is a 12 bit camera and the c200 is a 8 bit camera which means loss of details in the highlights and shadows which is very disappointing.
when it come to slow motion both cameras can shoot up to 120 frames per second expect that the ursa mini pro shots in a crop mode – and the c200 doesn’t. this basically means that you will get less field of view on the ursa mini pro while shooting in crop mode but this can be handled easily by getting a wider angle lens.

on the ISO side the C200 has the upper hand with 25,600 iso while the ursa has a mere 1,600 meaning that if you have to shoot a lot in low light the c200 is your camera.

another place the c200 has the upper hand on the ursa mini pro is its auto focus. the c200 is supposed to have a very good AF system while the ursa mini pro has just basic AF system.

so what is the bottom line:

if you shoot a lot of documentaries and operate as a run and gun shooter the c200 could be a better solution for you, you’ll have enough latitude to shoot at lower light situations because it has more ISO and a better AF system.

on the other had if you will need to color grade you footage and desire a more filmc look the ursa mini pro is the better camera with it very friendly codecs and ability to push the colors win post with out having your computer max out, but you will need better lights because of its ISO limitation.

Ursa Mini Pro Vs. Canon C200 – which one should you get??

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