NAB 2016 LIVE – My Production Bag

For cameras, we use the Sony A6300 and Sony a6000 and a GoPro black. We also have extra batteries for each of the cameras.

For audio, we have the Rode video mic, the Sennheiser wireless mic and Blue Yeti for any narration work.

As for the lenses, we have to Canon 50 mm 1.8 lens, the kit lens for the Sony a6000/a6300, the Sigma 18-35 art Lens, Rokinon 85mm 1.4 lens and a metabone converter from the Sony e-mount to the Canon mount.

As a tripod, we have a Banero A38FD monopod which can also stand on its own.

And last but not least we also have a small on-camera LED Neewer CN 160 with 3 extra batteries that can be mounted on the camera.

And of course, 3 extra SD cards and an external drive to back all the footage up.


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